OnePlus 8T Review

With a 120Hz display, a flat-screen design, 4 back video cams, and a double battery system, the OnePlus 8T intends to be the flagship-killer telephone OnePlus made its name producing.

OnePlus 8T Review

The OnePlus 8 was a strong telephone, but it really felt a bit dull than its Pro brother or sister. The OnePlus 8 Pro was outstanding with its improved display, video cam array, and billing options.

OnePlus 8T
OnePlus 8T –

But as certain as day complies with the evening, there is constantly a brand-new OnePlus telephone coming simply 6 months after the company launches its newest front runner. Therefore we have the OnePlus 8T, which appearances to surpass the OnePlus 8 by taking a couple of ‘Pro’ features and including a pair of brand new ones.

But after many successes recently, this telephone seems like a misstep. Maintain reading our OnePlus 8T review to determine why it is not the telephone they really wanted it to be.

OnePlus 8T Specification: here

The sturdy U.S. specification variable in Aquamarine Green and Luna Silver shades will set you back $749. That makes the 8T $50 more expensive than the OnePlus 8, which began at $699 but had much less RAM and storage space.

In the U.K., the Lunar Silver model is just available with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage space but costs £549. The Aquamarine Green just comes with the greater specification and costs £649. Both went for sale on October 20.

However, at this price, the higher-spec OnePlus 8T still presses the mid-range telephone field’s top finish. That is both a great and a bad place to remain in. As many phones have hit or exceeded the $1,000 pen, there isn’t a good deal that offers a collection of front runner specifications or standout features for a sub-$800 price. However, the competitors that are there are certainly rigid.

The $699 Samsung Galaxy S20 FE offers a major blend of front runner specifications, with just a few concessions through a plastic back and much less RAM than the 8T. The $699 Google Pixel 5 also undercuts the 8T, but concessions on both revitalize rate and processing power. However, it offers outstanding digital photography efficiency rather.

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Over in the U.K., the entry-level OnePlus 8T offers superior specifications to both the £599 Pixel 5 and Galaxy S20 FE. Hence, it is probably a more affordable handset on Britain’s side of the Atlantic. But this was once a cost point where OnePlus mainly stood alone; currently, it is reached face down 2 phones with beautiful features.

So the OnePlus 8T has its work cut out if it desires to beat similarly valued phones. And it is well worth keeping in mind that the OnePlus Nord offers a great deal of telephone for £379, approximately $490. It is also not as effective theoretically and isn’t available in a position such as the U.S.


Talking about the OnePlus Nord, the OnePlus 8T appearances a lot, such as the OnePlus’ budget device. Both phones sporting activity a cool spherical rectangle-shaped design with displays that are level, not curved, such as the sides on the OnePlus 8’s display. This makes the 8T a great deal easier to hold, otherwise as visually pleasing.

The OnePlus 8T is slightly bigger than the Nord and the OnePlus 8, measuring 6.32 x 2.91 x 0.33 inches and evaluating 6.6 ounces. With its glass back and premium finish, the 8T really feels more like a front-runner telephone than the Pixel 5 with its aluminum back.

This has long been a solid component of OnePlus phones. While you might not be obtaining a real front runner telephone, the 8T certainly has that top-level of developing quality and finish that feel more according to $1,000 handsets. And whatever therapy OnePlus has provided the 8T, its back is pretty immune to fingerprints, making an enjoyable comparison to some phones.

There is no IP68 sprinkle and dirt resistance score here, which is expected in many front-runner phones but a function that OnePlus has shunned for many years. In practical terms, that does not issue a good deal as OnePlus has used various secures to maintain sprinkle from its handsets, meaning that they will survive a fast drop right into a sink or a drenching from an unexpected rainstorm. That does not imply I’d supporter going down an OnePlus 8T right into a pint on a routine basis.

The greatest change the OnePlus 8T gives the table is its instead prominent back video cam component that houses 4 video cams and a blink in a spherical, rectangular shape unit positioned in the top right-hand side. That is a considerable change from the OnePlus 8’s pill-shaped triad of video cams that rested in the handset’s top center area.

With just silver and green for color options, the OnePlus 8 does not exactly have a wide range of finishes to choose from. While I’d have such as to have seen the striking blue hues of the OnePlus 7T return, I think both the Aquamarine Green and Lunar Silver shades are instead attractive.