Logitech MK270

Logitech MK270

Logitech’s MK270 is one of the better choices you could make in the rock-bottom budget range because of its decent keyboard action and easy setup.

Logitech MK270 Review


Measuring 17.5 by 5.5 x 0.75 inches and evaluating a bit over an extra pound, the Logitech MK270 keyboard feels predictably light and inexpensive. Indeed, the whole keyboard will bend if you try flexing it. While the MK270 does not have a hand rest, it does boast a set of retracting feet that’ll prop the keyboard up at an 8-degree angle.

Logitech MK270
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Over the main keyboard, you will find a paddle of dedicated quantity and media playback keys, together with four hotkeys for Home, E-Mail, PC power and Calculator. Of these four functional hotkeys, just 3 of them are programmable.

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Amongst the options: You can set a key to open up a website or a program, switch applications, or designate a keystroke. To personalize a key, you will need to install Logitech’s maturing SetPoint utility; alas, Logitech’s more recent, slicker Options application works just with the packed computer mouse (which we will reach momentarily.)


Both the MK270 keyboard and it’s going along with a computer mouse connected to a system via a solitary 2.4GHz USB dongle. Connect the dongle right into your PC’s USB port, and both the keyboard and computer mouse should begin functioning instantly, no driver required. The MK270’s cordless link acted perfectly throughout my testing, with both the keyboard and computer mouse waking almost immediately from inactivity-induced snoozes.

The MK270 keyboard and computer mouse combination natively support Home windows and Chrome OS devices. The keyboard and computer mouse will also deal with Mac systems, but you will not have the ability to personalize any one of the hotkeys.

Inputting feel

While the MK270’s keys feel hollow and cheap—unsurprising for a $30 keyboard bundle—the natural inputting feel isn’t bad. The membrane-style keys deliver a firm bump about midway through a keystroke, with a resilient rebound and reputable quantity of travel. Exploration isn’t a problem, thanks to the keyboard’s spacious design and moulded keys. Anticipate a reasonable amount of clickity-clack as you kind, however.

Computer mouse

As with the MK270 keyboard, the computer mouse (the MK185) feels a little bit light and inexpensive. Evaluating simply 2.5 ounces, the ambidextrous computer mouse comes with a problematic plastic hold, a scroll wheel with a light rough feel and a set of computer mouse switches that are relatively easy to click.

You can program the mouse’s centre switch using the glossy Logitech Options application on the plus side. Along with many options such as opening up programs, securing the screen, reducing home windows, and designating keystrokes, a motion control setting allows you to trigger custom functions whenever you hold the centre switch and scroll up down left or right.

The simple enhancement of a computer mouse can help trainees move applications, the internet and more with greater ease. In addition, a full-size keyboard provides an acquainted system and easy access to the manages and number keys they often need. The outcome? Effectiveness and control that develops self-confidence and supports involved learning.


Silicone cover envelopes whole keyboard, developing a secure about each key to supporting regular cleaning while keeping an excellent inputting experience; designed & evaluated to endure disinfecting after each use, sustaining safe, long-lasting, everyday use.


Our education and learning items are drop-tested to endure drops from average institution work desk elevations.

Logitech MK270

Logitech MK270 Keyboard Review, Manual, FREE Driver Software for Windows 10, Windows 7, etc (32-bit, 64-bit), and Mac OS

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