Logitech G300S

Logitech G300S

If you are starting to get into gaming on a PC, maybe you are considering what peripherals you should buy. Of course, one of the most sought-after peripherals by gamers is the mouse. No matter on a laptop or desktop, you need a mouse for easy control while playing.

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Logitech G300S Review

If you’re looking for a gaming mouse with a relatively low price and a simple design, the Logitech G300s is worth considering. Curious about what the experience of using this cheap gaming mouse is like? Check out the following review!

Logitech G300S
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Simple design for a gaming device

For a gaming mouse, the Logitech G300s appears quite simple. In fact, at first glance, it looks like an ordinary mouse. However, six macro buttons and RGB light strips on the left and right sides of the body reveal the identity of the G300s is a gaming mouse.

This mouse comes with a plain black color that surrounds the top and sides of the body. Each button – left, right, macro, and scroll wheel – is also covered in the same color but with a matte finish. Meanwhile, the bottom is wrapped in a flashy light blue color, which creates an exciting color contrast.

The side of this mouse is also designed with a reasonably deep curve. Where your fingers rest, there’s a layer of textured rubber. In addition to being a sleek design accent, the coating ensures a firmer, less slippery grip.

Because it has a symmetrical design and an even distribution of buttons on each side, Logitech G300s is comfortable to use by users who are right or left-handed. In addition, all the buttons on this mouse can also be programmed according to the function you want through Logitech Gaming Software.

RGB lighting with minimal color options

From Logitech Gaming Software, you can also change the color of the lights on the mouse. You can choose from eight colors from white, yellow, purple, red, light blue, dark blue, green, and black. The final color turns off the lights and makes the G300s look cleaner, perfect for office settings.

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Unfortunately, of the eight color choices, in my opinion, only four of them are suitable for use. The blue color that covers the base of the mouse is slightly sticking out to the sides of the mouse. Therefore, when choosing the color of the lights, you should also consider the mix and match with these two mouse body colors. If only the bottom of this mouse was also black, you could install lights of any color without being bothered by the results of the color combination.

Attractive specs

Logitech is indeed a champion in the realm of PC peripherals. G300s, a budget series from its gaming mouse line, is also equipped with attractive specifications, especially for novice gamers who play for personal pleasure alone.

Low price, satisfying performance

For everyday use, such as navigating desktop menus and web pages, of course, there is no significant difference between using the G300s with other mice. Only the ergonomic design makes it more comfortable to wear for long periods.

The presence of macro buttons is also a plus, especially when using a web browser. By default, the G4 and G5 keys, located on the mouse’s left side, act as the back and forward buttons. That way, you don’t have to move the cursor to the top left of the screen to move pages.

Meanwhile, for gaming, this mouse feels very comfortable. Again, the ergonomic design and rubber coating on the finger holder make it more enjoyable than a regular mouse. The left and right buttons also feel more tactile and slightly more rigid.

The Logitech G300s has nine programmable buttons. There are three modes available, each with a different set of macro button functions. This feature gives you complete flexibility to adjust the mouse as needed, whether for editing documents, browsing the web, or playing. Each mode is also marked by a light color code that you can set yourself.

Each macro button is designed to stand out with the proper distance between each other. This design makes each button easy to find at the touch of a finger. Therefore, the possibility of missteps while playing is minimized.

We did testing with FPS games Left 4 Dead 2 and Payday 2 and action RPG Bastion. Logitech G300s performance in trying out the three games was also satisfactory.

In FPS games, the presence of a macro button makes it easy for you to change the sensitivity level of the mouse from high when aiming the character’s movement to low when aiming the rifle to get a high level of precision. Meanwhile, in RPG games, macro keys can execute special moves instead of remembering every key on the keyboard.

Logitech G300S Mouse

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