iPhone 12 Pro Review

Apple’s flagship has indeed been looked forward to because it carries an ultimately more different design from previous generations. Even though it’s not officially available yet, not a few are willing to buy the iPhone 12 Pro unofficially, so they want to have it first.

iPhone 12 Pro Review
iPhone 12 Pro Review

iPhone 12 Pro Review

Well, there is nothing wrong if there is a budget. How far is the difference between Apple’s latest flagships in 2020 and the iPhone 11 Pro series? The answer depends on how you use a smartphone. It could be significant. It could be the same.

Some time ago, I had the opportunity to try the iPhone 12 Pro for some time, borrowing a unit from K2Gadgets. And here are experiences and a few testimonials about the latest Boba iPhone camera.


With the iPhone 12 series, Apple wants to combine their modern smartphones’ design language with old series such as the iPhone 4/5. Be the iPhone 12 Pro with flat sides, no longer rounded or circular. Some people think that the sharp angle will cause discomfort in the palms.

But in hand, it just feels comfortable, like holding the iPhone 5 (the big version), although the dimensions are also quite small for today’s flagship smartphone standards. Despite the bigger screen, the iPhone 12 Pro is only 0.1mm wider and 7.4mm thinner, thanks to a new design and a slimmer display bezel.

The unit I tried was the hero color, namely Pacific Blue. The blue is very muted, in contrast to the usual iPhone 12 blue, which is a bit flashy. With a Gorilla Glass layer on the front and back glass, this stainless frame or frame is easy to get dirty or leave fingerprints on. So if you want to keep it clean, you have to use an additional case.

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Apart from the slightly larger dimensions, I didn’t find any significant difference on the iPhone 12 Pro screen compared to the previous generation Pro series. Use the Super Retina XDR OLED screen, 1170p with a density of 460 PPI. Its dimensions are 6.1 inches, resembling the iPhone 11, but with the same physical dimensions as the 11 Pro.

So when I put my iPhone XR on the side, it still looks smaller. Apple also provides extra protection to the windshield, with a ceramic coating that is more scratch resistant and shatter resistant when dropped. This screen supports Dolby Vision, HDR10 standards, and a brightness of up to 1200 nits.

The four bezels are thin and balanced in thickness, making the dimensions more or less the same, even though the screen is wider. But indeed, the bangs or notches have the same dimensions. Because Apple still needs space to put the sensors needed for the Face ID security feature.

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At first glance, there is nothing different from the iPhone 12 Pro camera design when viewed from the outside. However, if you look carefully, there is an additional sensor in the lower right corner of the camera frame, namely the LiDAR Scanner, which provides additional functions. Then what about the three 12MP camera sensor setups?

The resolution is the same, but Apple provides a hardware upgrade to the main sensor. Namely, at a larger diaphragm at f / 1.6, Apple claims can capture 27% more light. An upgraded 7-layer lens and optical stabilization (OIS) technology are also more stable than the iPhone 11 Pro. The other two sensors’ specifications are the same; 12MP ultra-wide f / 2.4 and telephoto 2x optical zoom f / 2.0 with OIS.

What’s new in the iPhone 12 Pro to take photos is a night mode that can be activated when using the ultra-wide sensor (and front camera sensor) and night portrait mode using…

Also, there is a corner of the darker room on one side and lighter on the other in situations where there is a corner of the darker room. Better HDR capabilities make overall photos appear more detailed and balanced on the iPhone 12 Pro. But if the photo conditions are outdoor, the light is abundant. It won’t be easy to find the difference.

The four cameras (front and rear) support video recording at up to 4K 60fps, with Cinematic Stabilization combines EIS and OIS (on supported sensors) and Expanded Dynamic Range. What’s new is the Dolby Vision HDR format on video. But to enjoy it, you also need a smartphone or monitor that supports playing this format.


Running iOS 14, the iPhone 12 Pro provides more or less the same features as several previous generations. There is no massive difference. The menu display can now be customized with widgets, and FaceTime Video calls already support the picture-in-picture (PiP) feature, so you can continue to stare at the other person even though you have access to other applications.

For me, a crucial improvement in iOS 14 is the security features, where users can finally choose the browser application (browser) and default email to applications other than Apple’s. The point in the form of a dot on the right indicates when the application is accessing the camera or microphone to be more aware.

Well, a new feature that is exclusive to the iPhone 12 series is MagSafe. The iPhone 12 Pro supports fast charging of up to 20 watts (which is sold separately, considering that only available in the box is a USB-C cable to lightning adapter).