In this digital era and global competition, many things must be mastered to win the global match. However, many are still unable to speak foreign languages ​​correctly, especially English (international language). For this reason, learning English continues to be studied. In the business world and everyday life, many use English, such as learning tutorials, pdf articles, and many more.


Have you ever used Google Translate to translate documents or the like? Are the results unsatisfactory? Sometimes, when using Google Translate, there are many misspellings of sentences and words that need to be corrected. To fix this, you can use Grammarly. What is Grammarly? How do I register for Grammarly? And how do you use Grammarly? In this article, Review Tech will discuss the understanding of how to use Grammarly.

Understanding Grammarly

Grammarly is a web tool that performs an excellent grammar check, starting from word spelling and sentence structure to standard grammar. Grammarly is free, so it is highly recommended for those who want to translate various documents or articles that use foreign languages.

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If usually tests or articles have language complexity and don’t understand English, Grammarly is beneficial in checking sentences’ spelling. How to use Grammarly can be seen in the next section, but before that, you must know why you have to use Grammarly.

Reasons for Using Grammarly

Good writing is writing that is easily captured by everyone. Whether you’re working on a critical essay, blog post, or email, presenting your ideas in clear and correct language makes a big impression on your readers. Now, using clear and proper grammar will at least be an assistant in making presentations.

But with all the grammar checking tools available, it is essential to choose one that you can rely on to catch mistakes every time. Did you know that Grammarly runs on a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence system built to analyze English sentences? So, Grammarly is unlike other spell-checking tools, which rely on a rigid set of rules. Grammarly takes context into account when making corrections or suggestions. This means Grammarly will tell you quickly but precisely.



Grammarly - In this digital era and global competition, many things must be mastered to win the global competition.

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