Epson XP-7100

Epson XP-7100

Epson XP-7100 – The 5-color Expression Premium XP-7100 wireless Small-in-One printer provides superior picture quality and versatility, ideal for efficient, innovative families. Conserve time with a 30-page Auto Document Feeder and auto 2-sided publishing, copying, and scanning. Publish vivid, indeterminate pictures up to 8″ x 10″ or on specialized paper1 and DVDs.

Epson XP-7100 Review

The user-friendly 4.3″ touchscreen allows you to view, modify and publish pictures straight from a USB or card slot2. And, you can easily publish from your tablet computer or smartphone3 — with or without a router — in your home or on the move. Plus, publish 4″ x 6″ pictures in as fast as 12 seconds5, as well as custom jobs with the Innovative Publish Application.

Such as a lot of office all-in-ones, the Epson XP-7100 features an ADF (Automated Document Feeder) and enables double-sided publishing, and the front paper tray also features 2 decks so that you can maintain one packed with ordinary A4 and another with shiny picture paper.

As well as boasting fast publish rates, Epson promises excellent publish quality with the XP-7100, and it accomplishes this by using a 5 Claria Premium ink cartridge configuration: 2 black ink cartridges and 3 colors. While the quality is certainly excellent, buyers on a budget plan will watch underline.

Design and features – Space-efficient mechanical pet

  • Squat, small and tidy, but hefty
  • Configuration and calibration can take a while
  • Touchscreen food selection and mobile applications are easy to browse

Measuring a simple 183 x 390‎ x 339mm, the Epson XP-7100 is an extremely workdesk space-friendly printer, but it is perhaps not a surprise to learn that this is a hefty old point. This is despite most of the glossy plastic covering feeling slim and light to the touch.

However, you’ve obtained a color printer, scanner, and photocopier therein, as well as several various other moving components such as a mechanical out-tray and control board. Similar to the Canon PIXMA TS9550, it is hefty for a factor.

As with a lot of all-in-ones, the ADF rests on the top deck. This can stand up to 30 sheets of A4 simultaneously, useful if you are copying multi-page documents. The ADF is accessed by drawing the center area up and to the right. Everything folds up nicely, with the cover skillfully increasing as an in-tray.

The A4 1200 x 4800 DPI scanner rests underneath. There is no slow shut system here, mind, so you will need to press it completely back.

To allow me to access the hood to stand out in a fresh ink cartridge, the tester had to turn the whole top area open up. Recessed locations on either side facilitate this to hook my fingers right into and raise, while capture and a sluggish shut system mean the tester has both hands free.

Beneath this rests a control board with a 4.2-inch touchscreen. This swings out at 90 levels and can be easily adapted to fit. Whenever the tester power the Epson XP-7100 on, this is pressed out immediately, in a strangely captivating manner. The out-tray exists straight underneath the control board and prolongs out immediately whenever the tester lines a publish job.

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Listed below this exists the main paper tray, which features 2 decks, or ‘cassettes.’ The top one can stand up to 20 sheets of shiny picture paper (up to 2L size), while the lower deck is designed to hold routine, ordinary paper (up to A4 dimension). There is also a back paper feed, designed to permit publishing on solitary items of thicker media, such as cards, but there is no big extendable tray here, simply a small grey plastic tab that swings out.

Establishing the Epson XP-7100 can take a while, thanks partially to the calibration process, which demands a sacrifice of 5 sheets of A4 paper. Securely connecting the printer for your cordless network is made easier because of that touchscreen panel, although once connected to the Internet, several firmware updates normally made their presence known. Make certain you put the kettle on first.

Fortunately, once you’re set-up, using the Epson XP-7100 is a wind. Home windows driver can be easily downloaded and install from Epson’s website, and Mac users do not also need to trouble because the Epson XP-7100 is AirPrint suitable. Provided you are on the same Wi-Fi network; you are good to go.

The Epson iPrint application (iOS, Android) isn’t particularly fancy, but it’s very easy to use and obtains the job done. You can send out pictures, selfies, screengrabs, whatever scaries are kept on your phone’s memory to the XP-7100. And if you need to publish documents from the shadow, the application supports the similarity Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Own, and Microsoft OneDrive.