Epson XP-640

Epson XP-640

The stamina of the XP-640 is its five-ink printing system, which makes it a great choice for individuals who want to publish top-quality pictures regularly. Its operating costs are a bit greater than average, and there are more affordable options if you need an affordable printer for basic text and video documents.

Epson XP-640 Review

Epson’s ‘small multifunction printer is a great choice for homes where space is a little bit limited, but previous models in the range have tended to be relatively conventional four-color printers. As the name suggests, the new Premium model is advanced and uses 5 inks to produce top-quality picture prints.

Epson Expression Premium XP-640 review: Price

Epson XP-640 – It is a bit more expensive compared to the four-color models. You can buy it from Epson, which costs £119.99. However, you have been crazy to do so when you can buy it from various other sellers, such as, for £69.99.

That is still greater than its four-color brother or sisters, but it is significantly more affordable compared to Epson’s price.

If you are after something for more basic daily document publishing, the HP Envy 5640 is a great choice, as ink costs have boiled down a great deal since we evaluated it in 2015.

Epson Expression Premium XP-640 review: Features and design

The XP-640 uses 5 separate ink cartridges. The traditional cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks are complemented by a unique ‘photo black ink that helps to improve comparison and color in picture prints. However, it preserves the small measurements of its precursors, measuring simply 130mm high, 385mm wide, and 335mm deep.

However, it does not have stint features, consisHowever, of a 1200x2400dpi A4 scanner copier, USB and Wi-Fi connection with Apple’s AirPrint for iOS devices, and Google Shadow Publish and Epson’s own Connect application for various other mobile devices.

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Epson XP-640 – With picture publishing in mind, the XP-640 consists of 2 separate paper trays, with the main paper tray holding 100 sheets of standard A4 paper while the second tray holds 20 sheets of picture paper. The printer also consists of a USB user interface and SD card port for quickly publishing pictures from a video camera or storage space device.

The XP-640 also supports duplex (two-sided) publishing, so it’ll certainly be flexible enough for most home users. We did have a pair of small grievances, however. The paper trays feel very light and lightweight, and the initial setup is a little bit confusing.

The published manual instructs you to begin by packing paper right into the top (picture) tray, while the installer program actually requires you to begin by packing the lower (ordinary paper) tray so that you can publish some test web pages in purchase to calibrate the publishing head properly.

Epson Expression Premium XP-640 review: Efficiency

Epson XP-640 – However, those aren’t significant weak points, and the XP-640 does deliver when it comes to publishing quality. Its 1440x5760dpi resolution ensures that text output is shut to laser quality, so it’ll work well for letters, institution records, and various other documents. And, of course, the five-ink system ensures very crisp, vibrant pictures and color video.

It is not truly fast enough for business use (and it is not intended for this), but publish rates of about 12 web pages each minute for ordinary text and 8ppm for mixed text and video should be perfectly adequate for most routine publishing in your home.

Picture publishing was a bit slow, however. Epson estimates a rate of 20 seconds for 6x4in postcard publish, but our test prints took 45 secs when using the ‘standard quality setups and 75 secs for ‘high quality. However, eager, professional digital photographers probably will not mind waiting a couple of seconds much longer to get this kind of quality for their picture prints.