Epson XP-420

Epson XP-420 – The Epson XP-420 is a bargain-priced multifunction inkjet printer offering entry-level publishing, scanning, and copying. It does not have higher-end features such as a duplexer for production two-sided prints, an automated document feeder (ADF) for copying or scanning multipage documents, or a 2nd paper tray for picture paper. But also, if you are OK keeping that tradeoff, you will still need persistence, particularly when publishing pictures. The XP-420 is a slowpoke at publishing on shiny paper.

Epson XP-420

Epson XP-420 Review


Unlike many other multifunction models, which put the input tray on the front of the unit, the XP-420’s input paper tray gets on the rear of the framework. It is upright, folding against the unit; you raise it upward and turn it back, and after that, decrease in your paper. Raise the cover in addition to the unit to obtain the scanner.

A control board on the printer’s front angles upward about 45 levels. In the center of the control board is a 2.5-inch LCD, which isn’t a touch screen. To its left is a home switch, and to its right are the remains of the manages. These managers are not traditional switches. Instead, the surface is a touch panel, where a light tap on the corresponding symbol makes your choice. The output tray is listed below the control board, with a slide-out equip and a capture that joints outward.

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The left side of the front panel features an SD memory-card port. After inserting an sd card, you can use the touch-panel switches to pick pictures or files to publish. Along with publishing pictures from an SD card, you can use it to store checked files.

Publish Speed

The XP-420 was a bit slow to publish our five-page text document. Taking 51 secs to finish the job, it lagged a bit behind the equally valued Canon Pixma MG3620, which bested the Epson by 4 secs. Epson’s printer balanced 5.9 web pages each min, a little bit slower compared to the 7.1 ppm average for inkjets we’ve evaluated.

While publishing our six-page mixed text and video test document, the XP-420 bested the category average slightly by 6 secs. It took the XP-420 2 mins, 38 secs to publish the document at a 2.3 ppm speed. The Canon MG3620 was a bit much faster, at 2.5 ppm.

Publishing a picture on shiny paper, however, requires a wealth of persistence. The XP-420 took nearly 11 mins to publish a letter-size shiny picture. The Canon MG3620 published the same picture in simply 3 mins and 37 secs, approximately the category average before the XP-420’s glacial outcome. The next slowest model, the Epson ET-2550, took 5 mins and 53 secs. The comparison was no much less plain when producing 4-by-6-inch prints: The XP-420 took almost 3 mins, compared to 43 secs from the MG3620.

Copying rates for the XP-420 had to do with average in most tests. The XP-420 made color duplicates in 32.5 secs, which was exactly the average for inkjet all-in-ones we’ve evaluated. Epson’s device impressed when copying black-and-white documents, polishing off the job in 11.9 secs, versus the average of 17.7 secs. Just a lot more expensive Epson ET-2550 was much faster, at 10.9 secs, while the Canon MG3620 took 17.4 secs to earn the same copy.

Scanning a shade picture at 600 dpi to JPEG style took 1:27, 3 seconds slower than the category average. The Canon MG3620 was a lot quicker in this check test, taking just 39.4 secs. The XP-420 checked a 300 dpi PDF file in black and white in 10.9 secs, beating the category average of 15.7 secs. The Canon MG3620 is the quickest inkjet model evaluated, finishing the same job in 8.9 seconds.

Publish Quality

The XP-420 delivered top-quality prints, highlighted by attractive video. The text looked quite sharp, and the video was published with abundant color and a great quantity of information. Our test pictures published on shiny picture paper offered great deals of fine information and vibrant shades.

The XP-420 made duplicates on the same level with various other evaluated inkjets; text and video shed a bit intense, but worths tended to be accurate. Compared to Canon’s similarly valued MG3620, the Epson model did better at keeping midtone transitions; the MG3620 tended to transform them right into excessively dark darkness.

Check quality was very high and on the same level with various other inkjet all-in-ones. The XP-420 accurately recreated the shades and fine information in photos, keeping the information in the dark locations.