Epson XP-245

Epson XP-245 – Compromise can be a point of the past; the Epson EXPRESSION HOME XP-245 creates top-quality prints whilst also offering great worth. As a component of the small-in-one range, it provides a printer, scanner and photocopier, all nicely packaged in a trendy and small unit. It uses individual inks, so you are certain to earn a conserving as just the colour used needs changing. Publishing on the move is also facilitated with Epson Connect.

Epson XP-245

Epson XP-245 Review

Efficient & affordable

Utilising Epson’s Claria Home Inks, this small-in-one is ideal for creating crisp, clear text documents and shiny, lab-quality pictures. Have more for your money with individual inks, as only the colour used needs to be changed.

Mobile publishing

Whether using a mobile phone or tablet computer, the iPrint app1 can be downloaded and installed on various devices for really cordless publishing and scanning. The opportunities do not finish there; with Epson E-mail Print1, it’s feasible to publish from almost all throughout the world by simply emailing documents and pictures straight to the printer.

The Innovative Print application can publish pictures straight from Twitter and Google for creative-minded individuals, produce custom welcoming cards and stationery, and transform pictures right into colouring book design themes.


Several users can easily publish and check wirelessly from about the home.

Space conserving

Stylish and small – the XP-245’s small and lightweight design means it does not take up a lot of valuable work desk space.

Publish Speed & Quality

This Epson is very comparable, almost similar, to another budget Epson printer; it’s not the fastest by any extend of the imagination. You are looking at about 5 web pages each min publish speed, and if you are after A4 pictures, they’ll take a couple of mins to process and publish. Eventually, however, you can’t complain; you obtain excellent quality in a printer that retails for about £40 in the offer period.

And the quality truly is excellent. Certainly, if you invest £100 on a new Canon best buy after that, your pictures are most likely to appear better, but the illumination you see on prints from the Epson XP-245 is very outstanding. Shiny prints are bright and vibrant. Also, complexion comes throughout pretty well, considering the XP-245 uses 4 cartridges.

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Daily documents come out well also, with blacks signing up well at smaller sized font styles. Quality suffices for anything varying from research, normal documents such as boarding passes, pictures to display on the fridge, basically anything a home could need, and that is what this printer is all about.

Cartridges & Operating Costs

This printer takes the Epson Strawberry range of cartridges, also known as the Epson 29 range. This range has 4 normal colours for a printer, black, cyan, magenta, yellow, which you change separately as each goes out. They come in 2 capacities; the standard capacity inks depend on 180 web pages for each colour, the greater capacity XL cartridges have 2.5x the inks with up to 450 web pages each colour.

As prevails with budget printers, the operating cost of the standard capacity inks are extortionate and should be avoided. Using the Epson originals, you had been looking at an expense for each web page over 5p, which is very high.

Stay with the XL’s, and your operating costs will be about 3.5p each web page which is relatively typical for budget printers, and will not add too expensive an expense if you are a light user (which is that this printer is targeted at).

You can enjoy huge cost savings by using our suitable inks rather than going down your web page cost by 66% to about 1.3p each web page. These costs will boil down as provide quicker availability and is a great way to have the ability to publish more without breaking the financial institution.