Epson Stylus SX215

Epson Stylus SX215

If you buy the Epson Stylus SX215, the answer is true: quite a sensible device, but with some drawbacks. At this price, we’re definitely in the home market for the periodic black or color publish and perhaps a couple of pictures from your electronic snaps. It might also fit an additional institution trainee and can, of course, handle color photocopies as well as publishing and scanning.

Epson Stylus SX215 Review

A pattern of distinctive dots lightens a traditional black box design throughout the scanner’s cover and the control board mounted to its left. It was very unexpected to see a full-color LCD set right into the center of the monitors. Although it is small, it is big enough to display picture thumbnails and choose menu options.

There are 4 setting switches behind the LCD, consisting of specific options to publish pictures and publish an index sheet from an SD card. A solitary card port in the front left corner takes SD, MemoryStick, and xD cards. Before the LCD, it was a practical switch to switch between A4 and 15 x 10cm paper.

Both paper kinds feed on a considerably tilted, three-stage telescopic paper tray at the back to a straight, four-stage tray at the front. There is just a solitary USB outlet at the back, as the machine has no network abilities, either cabled or cordless. However, it does have an interior power provided, so there is no power obstructing subjugating under the work desk.

One point missing out on from the control board is an upkeep switch for operating publish inspects or changing cartridges, and you need to know the magic faster way of pushing the Index Sheet and Check switches with each other to get to the upkeep menu – shame it is not marked on the panel.

Fitting and changing cartridges is easy, as the 4 ‘cheetah’ units connect straight into their head provider places. In passing, it is well worth mentioning what a smart idea it is to give each range of cartridges a big, strong aesthetic picture, such as a bird or pet, and to tag the printer with the same picture. It is easier to shop for substitutes for a cheetah, hummingbird, rhinoceros, ape, or various other pets on the product packaging than searching for odd component numbers.

The driver is offered Home Windows and OS X, and there may be Linux support, too. However, the link on the Epson website appeared to be down when we attempted it. Epson also consists of a duplicate of ABBYY Finereader 6 Sprint OCR software and several of its energies, producing a great bundle for a device at this price.

If the Stylus SX215 can truly get to 32ppm publishing black and 15ppm publishing color in prepare setting, our gast would certainly be really clabbered, especially as the machine could manage 3.5ppm on our five-page black text publish and 1.2ppm on the black text and color video test.

Customarily, the outcome of the 20-page test was much faster, but in this situation, just by 0.5ppm, giving a full-throttle of 4ppm. This is slow, and the 20-page document took control of 5 mins to complete.

Other Driver: Epson ET-M2170

A solitary web page color A4 copy took 1min 11secs, and a 15 x 10cm picture took 3mins 19secs publishing in best setting from a PC, but instead much longer – 4mins 55secs – to publish in standard-setting from an SD card if you want to publish a lot of pictures, best to leave them overnight.

Actually, it is best to leave it overnight operating in the garage, as we measured an optimum sound degree of 77 dBA at fifty percent a meter when feeding paper. This is very loud and would certainly be distracting if, for instance, you were attempting to take a telephone call while publishing a multi-page document on your work desk.

Provided this is a budget plan printer, the publishing quality is passable. It is no place close to as clean as inexpensive Canon or HP devices, as there is jaggedness to contours and diagonals and some bleeding of ink right into the paper, slightly unexpected provided Epson’s use pigmented inks.

Colors in the business video are bright and typically smooth, with strong fills showing a couple of indications of dither patterns or various other artifacts. Picture prints are excellent, with clear descriptions, smooth shifts from color to color, and a reasonable quantity of information in hard-to-reproduce darkness.

The Stylus SX215 can take the fairly reduced capacity ‘cheetah’ cartridges or the truly reduced capacity ‘monkey’ ones, so going for the cheetah option gives the best economic climate. Also that, however, isn’t wonderful, with an expense for each black web page of 3.9p and one for the color of 10.4p.

While the black web page cost is 0.3p, much less than from, for instance, the £40 Canon PIXMA MP270, the color cost is 1.3p for each web page, so you will probably want to use color moderately.