Epson Home Cinema 5050UB

Epson Home Cinema 5050UB – The Epson Home Cinema 5050UB is a major home theater projector for major home theater enthusiasts. It features a mechanized lens with straight and upright lens shift, plus sufficient zoom. Its 4K improvement technology offers great deals of information. Its greatest benefit over cheaper 4K projectors, however, is an outstanding comparison proportion for deep, dark darkness and bright, standing out highlights.

Epson Home Cinema 5050UB

Epson Home Cinema 5050UB Review

There are just a few frustrations, and they’re small. It does not quite have the color or razor-sharp information of its direct rival, the LG HU810P. That is not to say the 5050 isn’t sharp and colorful.

It’s simply a little bit much less so — although tester suched as the Epson’s overall picture quality a great deal greater than that of the LG. The 5050UB is also an outright unit, several times bigger than any of the projectors I evaluated in 2015 (consisting of the LG).

Altogether, the Home Cinema 5050UB is an outstanding all-around projector that appearances great with all content. It offers a considerable step up in picture quality over cheaper projectors, such as the Optoma UHD35, while offering anybody with a dedicated home theater a projector deserving of the space.

The 5050UB is a 4K- and HDR-compatible projector. Because of this, it can approve 4K, and HDR indicates; however, bear in mind that no projector can do HDR very well.

Such as all Epson projectors, the 5050UB uses an LCD light engine, not the DLP found in most other projectors. The ones used on the 5050UB are not practically 4K native resolution. Rather, they’re an innovation called “4K improvement” that “shifts each pixel diagonally to double Complete HD resolution,” according to Epson.

This is done very quickly, so it is simply a higher-resolution picture to the eye. Here is a much deeper dive right into the technology. The brief variation: It looked lots sharp to me, if not as razor-like as the DLP-powered LG; see listed below for information.

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Among the 5050’s most noteworthy feature that set it aside from cheaper projectors is a mechanized lens. This offers ±96.3% upright and ±47.1% straight movement, which should suffice to allow the 5050 in shape in simply about any home. There is also a considerable mechanized zoom of 2.1x.

Epson claims the 5050UB can produce 2,600 lumens. The Tester actually measured slightly greater than that… in the much less accurate Vibrant color setting. In the more accurate Bright Cinema setting, the tester measured approximately 192 nits or about 1,732 lumens. This places it amongst the brightest projectors we’ve ever measured.

Light life gets on the reduced side. Also, in the Eco setting, Epson prices it at up to 5,000 hrs. Some projectors of comparable illumination they evaluated in 2015 can run upward of 15,000 hrs in their most lamp-conserving settings. That said, 5,000 hrs is still over 3 years of use at 4 hrs an evening.


Both HDMI inputs are HDMI 2.0 and can approve up to 4K60. As you might anticipate from its intended use as a projector for a dedicated theater, it does not have a sound out. Epson assumes, appropriately in my opinion, that anybody obtaining a 5050 would certainly have a conventional projector arrangement with either a receiver or at the very least a soundbar for sound.

Along the same lines, there are many control options for home automation systems, consisting of a 12v trigger, RS-232, and a LAN port.

The remote is a big boy (much like the projector it manages) and has an enjoyable brownish-yellow backlight. If you have a 2.35:1 screen actually, as tester do, you might grab this remote for greater than simply on and off since you can zoom the projector and fill the screen with 2.35:1 content without leaving the sofa. That is constantly a reward.