Epson Home Cinema 3800

Epson Home Cinema 3800

The Epson Home Cinema 3800 is the more expensive of 2 new and comparable Epson projectors. The various other is the $1,499 Epson Home Cinema 3200. However, taken with each other, they are the latest instance of the proceeding pattern towards lower prices for entry-level 4K home theater projectors.

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Or, more precisely, the price of pixel-shifting, native 1080p projectors that produce pictures indistinguishable to the human eye from real 4K. These models formally change the Home Cinema 3700, and Home Cinema 3100, 1080p models that do” not offer pixel moving to improve resolution and decline UHD indicates.


Epson Home Cinema 3800
Epson Home Cinema 3800 –

The 3800’s slightly greater price compared to the 3200 purchases you onboard stereo audio speakers, a 12V trigger port, an RS-232 port for external control, and—most significantly—higher illumination and comparison proportion.

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Centered purely on the ratings—3,000 lumens for the 3800 instead of 2,900 for the 3200—the illumination distinction isn’t enough to notice. The difference, on the other hand, should be, at 100,000:1 compared to 40,000:1. Past these distinctions, the features and specifications for both are practically similar.

The other obvious contrast for the 3800 is the Epson Home Cinema 4010, which Epson’s website sells at this writing in late October for $1,799. However, keep in mind that the 3800 has the benefit of being smaller sized and lighter. Additionally, unlike the 4010, it includes HLG HDR support to the HDR10 and uses the advanced, 16-step HDR illumination control first presented in Epson’s Home Cinema 5050UB.

The 5050UB also has HDMI 2.0b ports, giving it the 18 Gbps bandwidth needed to display 4K content with HDR at 60 Hz. However, it does not share the 4010’s powered zoom, focus, and lens shift, a significant benefit compared to the 3800’s manual control for all 3.

Neither does it have the more excellent finish, 15-element glass lens used on the 4010 and 5050UB, the same ability as those projectors to deliver 100% of the DCI-P3 color space for UHD content, or the same degree of comparison. Epson prices the 3800’s comparison proportion at simply fifty percent of the 4010’s spec.

The 4010’s powered lens manages also operate in tandem with onboard memory to allow you quickly change lens setups as needed for a continuous picture elevation configuration. If the price distinction between both models remains this small, you will want to take a shut appearance at the 4010 before you decide on the 3800.


Epson’s approach to pixel moving places two times as many pixels on screen as remain in the native 1080p chips. That is fewer pixels compared to native 4K projectors or pixel-shifting DLP 4K projectors deliver.

But combined with Epson’s 4K PRO-UHD technology—a collection of features designed to improve detail—and Epson’s 12-element, top-quality glass lens, it provides a natural ability to resolve information that competitors, and sometimes exceeds, the information in pictures with more pixels.

As with the vast bulk of projectors, the brightest setting has an eco-friendly predisposition, but it is minor enough that most individuals will still consider it functional periodically when needed. More crucial, all the various other settings offer excellent color precision with default setups, and some provide sufficient illumination for a living room with lights on. Tester measured Bright Cinema at approximately 2,270 lumens, which suffices to light up a 120-inch angled 1.0-gain screen in moderate ambient light.

The 3800 also offers excellent positioning versatility, remarkably the price, beginning with the 1.62x zoom lens. For a 120-inch screen, the toss range ranges from 11.5 to 18.75 feet.

Also better, the 3800’s manual upright lens shift, at +/-60%, will let you set up the projector at any sensible elevation about the screen, consisting of a table listed below the screen, a shelf in the rear of the room, or upside down in a ceiling mount. The +/-24% straight shift also gives you lots of versatility for placing it left or right of the screen’s upright centerline.

Another noteworthy plus is that the 3800 evaluates just 15.2 extra pounds; production is reasonably easy to set up and light enough so you can carry it to the yard for a movie evening. Its onboard set of 10-watt stereo audio speakers provides durable enough sound, so you might not need to trouble with an outside stereo.

Epson Home Cinema 3800

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