Epson FX-890

Epson FX-890 – The Epson FX-890 printer is a dot matrix printer that uses an impact system and is very reliable. It offers the fastest printing class and four paper paths to accommodate continuous cut and shape paper up to 6 sections thick.

Epson FX-890

Epson FX-890 Review

The new Epson FX-890 populate matrix printer is built to offer much faster publishing, better dependability, and versatile paper handling in a trendy and small design. It’s perfect for manufacturing, car dealers, warehouses, laboratories, dealers, products forwarders, finance divisions, and professional users that want high efficiency at inexpensive.

FX-890 populate matrix printer, 18 pins, 80 column, initial + 6 copies(pull tractor), 566 cps UHSD (10 cpi), ESC/P, IBM PPDS , 16 font styles, 8 BarCode font styles, solitary sheet and continuous, 4 paper courses, paper park, USB and Identical I/F, 1 port for choose. Epson Kind B I/F card.

This Epson FX-890 Printer is ideal for counter receipts, tickets, shipping forms, invoices, and labels.

Strong design

Epson FX-890 printer is a printer that is designed with a minimalist and very strong and has a sturdy lid so that this printer is not easily damaged.

This printer has a control panel with 4 highly secure paper paths for single printing of up to 6 form sections.

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Economical Ribbon Cartridge

Epson FX-890 printer uses the Epson FX 890 875 Ribbon. This printer ribbon is extremely durable and highly cost-effective, as it is designed to increase productivity and ensure low costs per page.

High Speed

Epson FX-890 printer has a high speed, with a 9-pin print head capable of displaying an MTBF rating of more than 20,000 Power-On-Hours (POH).

And this printer uses a Print Head, which has 400 million characters at a speed of 680 cps (Characters per Second).


Epson FX-890 – This printer is connected with standard parallel connections, and USB and type-B slots are used for optional interfaces.

Dimensions and Weight

This printer has dimensions of 41.4 x 35 x 16.7 and weighs 7.2 kg

The FX-890A printer facilitates easy printer configuration using the newly designed control panel or Windows-based Epson Remote Configuration Manager

As well as providing resident Epson, IBM ®, and Microline printer languages ​​for increased compatibility